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Model MTS 9041 Infra CO
Infrared Exhaust Gas Analyzer

A prerequisite for precise gas analyzer measurements, especially for low CO exhaust measurements, is the advanced development of infrared measurement techniques. MTS‘s gas analyzers fulfill the high requirements in precision and long-term stability. The LCD displays the measured carbon monoxide. For optimal usage, the device is designed as transportable unit and can be carried in the car during test drives.
To increase the functionality, the one function key allow for the complete operation of the device. All connections are easily accessible and the long 12 Volt connection cable allows for easy access to the car battery. The water separator and filter are located on the side of the device and in connection with the membrane pump cause for optimal exhaust cleaning. The filters are easily exchanged during service. The short warm up time allows for gas measurements after approximately 2 minutes. The connection cable and the entire hose with probe can be easily stored in the case.

Technical details
CO Vol % 0,001 - 9,999 Co
12 volts
Weight: approx. 1.0 kg

Infrared Gas Analyser
Tube 6 m
Service manual

EUR/pc 780,00 + VAT

MTS 9050-10 filter
EUR/pc 14.50 + VAT

MTS 9070-10 coalfilter
EUR/pc 40.00 + VAT

MTS 9070-30 probe
EUR/pc 50.00 + VAT
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