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Model MTS 9002
CO - Gas Analyzer

The Exhaust Gas Analyzer is a completely portable compact, solid state catalytic tester for the accurate measurment of Carbon Monoxide (CO) in the exhaust gas of the petrol driven engine.
The CO measurment is shown in volume percentage (%) on the meter instrument. The unit is powered by car battery and is disignedto operate satisfactorily between 12 to 15 volts DC. Connection is by spring clips.
By inserting the probe in the exhaust pipe, you are taking a direct sample of the exhaust gas that takes 10 - 12 seconds to travel to the unit and to give an accurate reading on the display.

Technical details
Carbon Monoxide measuring
CO vol. 0 - 10 %
Zero calibration : Potentiometer
Display : LCD

The picture shows MTS 9002 with additional LED and
on / off switch

Delivery CO Gas Analyzer
Standard probe
6 meter tube

EUR/pc 250.00 + VAT

MTS 9020-10 Filterpatrone,
EUR/pc 18.00 + VAT

MTS 9041-10 Probe,
EUR/pc 14,00 + VAT

MTS 9041-10 Element,
EUR/pc 14,00 + VAT
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