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Model MTS 3020-10
Non-contact RPM sensor
for petrol and diesel engines

Our non-contact rpm sensor is an indispensable and affordable device to measure rpm especially for infrared gas analyser units. The analyser is useful for new engines with the coils at the plug. For the measurment of rpm, the number of cylinders are to adjusted and the voltage supply is to be connected to the car battery.

The proper functioning of the device is indicated with the LED and can be tested in idling rpm. The inductive pick up of the measuring device is clamped onto the bow of the non contact rpm sensor. A separate connection on the rpm measuring device is also available for direct measurement and the inductive pick-up becomes unneccessary.

This non-contact rpm sensor can be employed for all known ignition systems.

Technical details
Power voltage 10 - 16 Volt DC
Measuring of the rpm
Cylinder selection 1 - 8

Non-contact rpm sensor
Power voltage cable
Service manual

EUR/pc 790.00 + VAT
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