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Model MTS 2080-2
Adaptor for Multimeter

All measurements with our Multimeter MTS 2080 can displayed, stored and printed on computer with the included software.
Additional adaptors are available to expand the range of the measurment. The adaptor ic connected to th multimeter via two cables. The switch has to be turned on - v - or - mv - for measurments begin.

This adptor is useable for all LCD Multimeter with an input risistor of 1 Mohm.

Adaptor for pressure and underpressure.

The sensor for the measurments is contained in a high-grade steel container. The pressure measurment is up to 50 bar and in the underpressure area up to 1 bar (vacuum) with a tolerance of +/-2%. The high-grade steel ensures the protection of the sensor from gasoline, oil and other liquids. The quick coupling device ensures fast change of adaptors onto the multimeter.

Adaptors for the different measurment regions are also available for delivery.

Field of application : whereever pressure or underpressure (vacuum) are measured.

Technical Details
Pressure range 0 - 50 bar
Underpressure range -1 - 0 bar
Field of application: Measuring of compression,
pressure of the pump, vacuum etc.


EUR/pc 130.00 + VAT

Other ranges available.

Available connectors for MTS 2080-2
MTS 10001-08 flex. tube M 8 x 1,0
EUR/pc 25.00 + VAT

MTS 10001-10 flex. tube M10 x 1,0
EUR/pc 25.00 + VAT

MTS 10001-12 flex. tube M12 x 1,25
EUR/pc 25.00 + VAT

MTS 10001-14 flex. tube M14 x 1,25
EUR/pc 25.00 + VAT

MTS 10001-15 flex. tube with rubberkonus
EUR/pc 25.00 + VAT
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