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Model MTS 2080-1
Adaptor for Multimeter

All measurements with our Multimeter MTS 2080 can displayed, stored and printed on computer with the included software. Additional adaptors are available to expand the range of the measurment. The adaptor ic connected to th multimeter via two cables. The switch has to be turned on - v - or - mv - for measurments begin. This adptor is useable for all LCD Multimeter with an input risistor of 1 Mohm.

Adaptor for rpm measurement on Otto engines

Connection on clamp 1 for conventional ignition systems, injection systems, DIS - systems and for new generation of engines where the coil is directly atteched to the spark plug. Easy to use with included clamp. The adjustment is controlled with the switch on the adaptor.

Technical details
RPM region : 0 - 6000 min-1
Field of application : Otto ( Petrol ) engines

RPM Adaptor

EUR/pc 76.00 + VAT
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